Soy Wax Online Workshop

Soy Wax and Beyond

Take your soy wax application to the next level when you take this exciting two-part workshop ‘Soy Wax and Beyond’. In Part One we explore the variety of ways that you can use Soy Wax with dyes and a resists. Then in Part Two we get into design and the language of the cloth. Using soy wax resist dyed fabrics from Part One you’ll learn to add greater depth and complexity with the addition of dye, stitch, embellishment, discharge, silk screening and more. A wonderful extension to the original workshop, “Soy Wax Inspirations”, this includes the workshop video combined with instruction, images, projects and more.

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Part One delivers a series of tutorials on working with the Soy Wax and various resists, as well as suggesting potential projects. Subjects included are:
• Soy Wax Dyes & Equipment / Getting Started
• Journaling and Color Charts
• Layering Wax & Dye with Value Gradations
• Using Thickened Dyes with Screen Printing
• Pattern Resist, Pole Wrapping and Clamp Resist
• Layered Stitch Resist with Wonderful Results
• Sun Printing & Discharging with a Wax Resist
• Conclusion: Inspirational Fabrics

In Part Two we’ll choose a few of the fabrics from Part One for further work and development for two projects, each designed to help you move deeper into your exploration as a surface design artist. Our first project, is called “The Word Cafe”, and our goal is to take one of our fabrics from Part One and add new elements to it according to the theme. Our goal is to further your understanding of color, form and design and your exploration of the techniques and processes involved.

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This workshop offer a unique opportunity to move beyond the creation of fabrics and build upon them, using the fabrics as a source of inspiration. More information and registration