Soy Wax Resources

Using soy wax as a resist is an exciting way to introduce color, pattern and texture in your work. Soy wax has the benefits of melting at a lower temperature and being much easier to remove than traditional batik waxes. In addition soy wax is sourced from a renewable resource and helps to support our farmers.

I hope you will enjoy learning and experiencing the fun of working with soy wax resists!

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Tixor Malam Wax Pot


This high quality TIXOR MALAM wax pot is designed for Batik work and particularly for working with soy wax. The graduated temperature dial allows fine adjustments in order to keep the desired wax temperature. Six openings in the no-drip rim enable the wax to flow back into the cup rather than down the sides. The melting cup is 0.3 litre. These pots have been converted for use with N. American electrical current (3 prong plug).

Price: $165.00

Learn more about my favourite wax pot by watching this short video:

Abig Wax Pot – Shop Online @ Galli Creative from Andrew Galli on Vimeo.

Teal Tangle3

Tjanting Tool (Wax Cup)


The Tjanting Tool, a wax cup, is used to apply wax to fabrics for batik work and in particular for working with soy wax. Made of cast brass, this spherical bowl keeps the wax liquid. Because the wax is flowing the moment the spout touches the fabric there is no dripping or spillage. Dimensions: Wax bowl 35 mm, total length approx 230 mm.

There are three sizes of spouts available: Small 0.5 mm / Medium 0.8 mm/ Large 1.00 mm / Extra Large 1.50 mm

Price: $12.00

Or buy the Wax Pot and all Tjantings as a set and SAVE:

Price: $200.00




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